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Remnant Youth

As Christians, it can be difficult to live out our faith with boldness. We are constantly facing cultural beliefs that go against how Jesus has called us to live. We live in a world that leaves God out of the conversation and tells us to operate on our own strength and understanding instead by following our own heart. Young people often struggle to hear God’s voice and struggle to understand who He has called them to be when the world calls them to live differently.


Remnant represents a group of young people who remains faithful to God in the midst of a faithless world. Our goal is to help each other strengthen our relationship with God as we grow to be the person Christ purposefully created us to be. Once a month, we meet to encourage one another in our faith and build our relationship with each other. As we walk deeper in the Word, we are better equipped and stronger in our faith when walking into school and when entering places outside of church. 


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